Jira and Trello


Recently I have been given some great career / development advice and among the list I was advised to look at a couple of software options for workflow management. Therefore, I could get used to how modern workplaces keep track of projects and the methodologies that surround them (agile, scrum, kanban, sprints etc).

So, today I had a look at two: Trello and Jira. Both are very interesting and have similar features, including integration with version control, task automation, bug tracking etc. For now I have decided to look at and use Jira as it seems to have a little more flexibility in the methodologies and layouts you can use (at least on the surface). I also really like that you can connect it up to GitHub or GitBucket and it creates a branch on the repo when you create a ticket / issue.

I can see how and why companies use these services as they help centralise work flow and keep everyone updated much more efficiently than I have experienced in previous development roles.