Through a creative newsletter I am subscribed to, I was recently informed of a composable css/scss based animation/transition framework. Currently it can be used via css, scss, vue.js and the react.js implementation is soon to be released.

AnimXYZ website screen shot

It just so happened I was starting to work on transitions for the project I’m currently building, so was perfect timing. Essentially it abstracts away from key-frames in css and saves a load of time. Using predefined attributes and values you quickly attach animations to elements and can nest them to work alongside a parent element’s animation. Furthermore, they have made each part of an animation customisable, allowing you to create your own specification. This is done via AnimXYZ css values attached to a custom css rule.

I am loving it, especially as it’s saving me a load of time and making more complex animations so much more accessible. It is for sure worth a go, I believe I will use it from now on!