React Native flash cards


I have now completed the Udacity React nano-degree by finishing and passing the react-native project. Although, as per usual, I went a bit further than what was required, so I could get as much out of this as possible. I successfully created a whole new section that displayed results for completed quizzes. Each result displayed: the category it related to, the highest score achieved, the date of that score, and how many times the quiz had been attempted. All of which is stored in the device via ‘async-storage’.

The use of styled components, transitions, and native platform specific material design was incorporated from the start. Some were required for the project and others were extras that I used to further my knowledge. There were also several new things learnt during this production, for example, how to actually nest different native navigation methods and the use of native specific react components.

I looked forward to this project in particular as I have been wanting to develop mobile apps for some time. Furthermore, being able to create such products using a widely used and accessible language makes it even more exciting and not too niche. Having said that, it is a little frustrating that I wasn’t able to simultaneously build it for iOS, due to not owning a mac. However, now I know the framework a bit better, once I have the hardware I will be able to take full advantage of React-Native.